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Starting out as a division of The Bachrach Group, a nearly 50-year-old recruitment firm, SourceLab Search split to form a standalone entity in January 2022. Combining our boutique marketing expertise with the extensive network of a larger organization, SourceLab has a proven track record of finding top talent across different markets. Our success draws from our relationship-driven approach to recruitment, getting to know our client and customizing every search to their needs. For businesses seeking discretion, exclusivity, and efficiency in a talent partner, SourceLab is the answer.




At SourceLab, we believe that success is measured and defined by a thriving culture. That is why we put emphasis on work-life balance, team collaboration, and hearing all voices.


At SourceLab we take pride on being straight forward with clients and candidates. We have no hidden agenda and provide honest feedback. We are the recruiters who will never keep you in the dark.


We are committed to creating long term relationships with candidates from all walks of life. From assessing our client's organizational culture to attracting a diverse pool of talent, our goal is to advance equity in all steps of recruitment. As a result, 60% of our placements have been diverse.


We are not your typical recruiters, neither a resume factory. We are confident in our ability to help you understand market conditions, compensation expectations, candidate outlook, and more! We will send you quality talent who will get interviews.